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We just started connecting the date. We have the first results!

Friends and supporters of moodix,  

it’s time to implement some of the changes announced in the moodix big update in March.

The main current change concerns the expansion of the moodix subscription options, i.e. the introduction of new tariffs for our original content on Twitter and other platforms, and related adjustments to the scope and structure of the display of metered messages on moodix and moodixpremium profiles. 

From discussions with you, we know that not all moodix profile followers are interested in detailed information on measured sentiment, but rather in a news service and an overview of (major) daily events with an impact on financial markets. 

For this reason, from tomorrow onwards, messages on the moodix profile will only contain information about the value of the measured message (the strength of its impact on the markets), the time of its release and, where appropriate, an explanation of the context of the message (headlines).

More detailed information relevant for traders, i.e. the measured values of the intraday, weekly and long-term moodix index and trend information, will only be available on the moodixpremium account with a link to the moodix web app

As many of you know, the new Twitter API does not allow sending long tweets, which brings a number of user-unfriendly limitations, both for us and for you. As a result, Moodix has now extended its reach to the Telegram platform, where we believe that monitoring news feeds, including the added value of our measurement, is much more user-friendly.

Subscribers to the moodix app on the site, both new and existing, will of course have access to premium content on Twitter and Telegram as part of this subscription, the price of which remains at the same level, i.e. $10/month and $100/year (excluding VAT) respectively.

For those who are not subscribers to the moodix app on the site and wish to continue to watch the enhanced content on Twitter and Telegram, they will be able to subscribe to this content for USD 4.99/month or USD 49.99/year (excluding VAT). These packages (tariffs) do not include access to the aforementioned moodix app.

For technical details of the Moodix premium subscription, please follow the instructions at 

Thanks for your support and good luck!