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#moodix big update

So friends. First, 2 things.

Firstly, I owe an apology for not having much time for you lately and being slow in responding to your emails/PMs. There’s been a lot going on since the beginning of the year. From starting a company, hiring the first moodix employee (and training them in measurement), to testing mass AOS (which Oanda unfortunately stopped). Things should get more stabilized now.

And most importantly, as I mentioned in the video call (where I, the liver, didn’t record sound), I found a great investor/partner for moodix. Many of you know him on Twitter as @MichalFrost6. I had many offers before that, but I knew that I needed to stabilize the editorial team first. It’s a specific issue, and the idea of having 10 people around me while I measure and write is just insane. Besides, Michal and I have gone out for beers even before any investor came along. 

Larger predators will be considered in the next phase of moodix development. I need to have the certainty of the editorial team and stable measurement. It has to work without me. That’s the basis for further development. So far, it’s going surprisingly well for me.

Thanks also for all the emails and PM messages regarding the podcast with the guys at @prazskaburza. As usual, I’ll admit that I felt like crying a little. When you measure sentiment, it’s easy to slip into emotions))

But now for the more interesting stuff that many of you are waiting for:

1) Gamechanger AI

Latest innovations in the AI field significantly increases the capacity of possibilities for #moodix. As you’ve surely noticed, AI can explain news, untangle connections, and broaden horizons.

In my opinion, it’s a very useful thing. None of us know everything, we’re constantly learning, and AI definitely helps me keep my brain up to speed.

With the help of AI, we’ll create recaps of market developments after each session (after Asia, EU, and US).

We want to let OpenAI loose on moodix’s historical data, with the goal of clarifying the development of topics over time and creating context for current events. This will be the basis for modeling possible scenarios of future developments, and most importantly, for calculating the probability of their fulfillment.

It might even be able to determine the sentiment of most market-influencing information and trade meaningfully and reliably based on mood data over time.

All of this is planned, and we’re currently waiting for the GPT4 API, the development of which is accelerating.

2) Twitter premium

The first major change will be the division of news on Twitter. Refined posts (“premium tweets”) with measurement details, sentiment development, explanation of news context, etc., will now be published on the @moodixpremium profile. All moodix subscribers will have access to it. Others will still see news from moodix, but compared to the premium account, they will only be overview-like and in a plain package (“basic tweet”). Once a day or two, we will publish a premium tweet on the current moodix profile. Thanks to the blue circle allowing for longer tweets, everything necessary will fit there (headline, measurement, sentiment, time, context, and a URL to the news on the website). 

There is one major change related to this. Moodix will no longer be dependent on Twitter. Now it’s tied to tweets and their measurement. We will now have news directly in our system, and they will be published only after measurement itself = each news item will have its own URL. This will eliminate duplicate tweets. On the free Twitter account, you will need to click on the news, while on the premium account, just viewing the tweet will be enough (everything necessary will be there, and in the future, even a chart). After discussing with the team and with you, I understood that not everyone needs to visit the website for detailed info and would rather appreciate the speed of live news stream.

These changes will occur soon, and now they are essentially only waiting for API approval from Twitter. Previously a matter of minutes or hours, but now we have been waiting for 14 days. They probably can’t keep up and seemingly also don’t want to approve more accounts before introducing a fee (probably around $100/month). If approval doesn’t happen within a matter of weeks, we would likely release the new format/form of tweets on the existing moodix profile for the time being. Those who are subscribers can feel free to sign up for @moodixpremium (currently being approved manually, eventually automatically).

3) AOS

Now, regarding AOS. Excuse my language, but it really pisses me off. I spent about three months developing it. At first, I couldn’t believe it, and then I got quite vulgar. That’s life. I apologize for that. Anyway, I am rewriting it for Interactive. It will work with both SP500 CFDs and Futures, automatically, depending on the account size. I have it prepared, but what I’m dealing with are expirations. Mainly for AOS, which has long trades (maybe even two weeks). There might be issues there. I’m also planning a test version of AOS for trading VIX based on the current sentiment development. The backtest (manual, two years back) went well, and there might be even better results. We’ll see. I’ll keep you informed.

After rewriting for Interactive Brokers, it will run publicly on the moodix website again. At the end of the year, I want to announce the challenge to beat the SP500 again. Last time, it was done with a significant lead. I’d like to enable both the slow (high RRR) and the one operating on a minute chart. I’ll be happy if both beat the SP500 in 2024.

We are in talks with partners for whom such use of AOS is a daily bread for further use of moodix for trading on established trading platforms.  

The main communication channel will soon be the moodix website; here is the URL (format).

Thank you all, and I’m attaching a thematic snapshot of me and Michal, standing at the gates of the big world. I wish you all the best!