Automatic trading robot registration: multi-account test


The automatic trading system has been running since August 2019. It has been live since January 1, 2020 and publicly available since November 1, 2021. The current results can be seen here: Unfortunately, I no longer have the results for 2020 and 2021, as they were on the old MT4 (Admiral Markets) system and I no longer have them (they were deleted by the broker after some time, but they will be somewhere on my Twitter profile). From September 2022, I want to test the automatic system on all users of the moodix application. I will control your accounts, manage risk, and place trades using the moodix API interface. This is exactly how I have publicly shown in the moodix application. By November, I would like to test the system on demo accounts. I need to test delays, order placement speed, and risk management in real-time. If everything goes smoothly and we handle the legislation, I would like to release the trading system on real accounts by the end of the year!


1. Registration

The testing will take place with the broker I have tested this broker and have not had any problems with orders. After a year of testing, I did not notice any differences between live and demo accounts. The advantage is that micro accounts can also be applied (minimum trade size is 0.1 lot of the SP500 index). So enter into your browser and register for a demo account.

2. Login and account setup

Once you register, log in as shown in the video below. Currently, the system is set to use the currencies € and $. Later, we can easily agree on others. But for our testing, it doesn’t matter right now. Ideally, leave it as it is. Your account will be automatically created with the name PRIMARY. If you are registering from a different country, it should automatically be set to $. If not, let me know. Then, it’s necessary to create another account. Name it moodix and it’s essential to have the account set as HEDGE. Mainly because of the strategy and switching of sentiment. Once you have created the sub account, upload the agreed upon minimum amount of $400 (or euros) to it. We will be testing, mainly to see if the system can handle such many accounts. So, it’s not about earning absolute numbers. The system will strictly pick up 0.1 index of SP500 contacts.

3. Generating API key

Once we have everything ready, we can proceed to generate the API key. It is very easy. Copy and save this key. We will need it in a moment. I assume you are already logged in to the application.

4. Inserting API key into Moodix application

The copied API key to your account will now be copied to your profile in the Moodix application. It’s very easy. Just go to the address and paste the key generated in the Oanda application into the API key field. That’s all.


  • have taken care of the fact that you can’t trade more than 0.1 contract. We are testing! It’s pointless to try it 🙂
  • All limit orders are not intended for live trading. They are not trading recommendations. Please do not do this on live accounts. We need to test it, not trade live.
  • Testing will only be launched for paying subscribers.
  • If you insert the API key and you are not a subscriber, trading will not start with you.
  • I would be glad if as many of you will try it, I need to try to overload it.

Notes in conclusion

  1. This week ( 16. 1. 2023) I will be checking if everything is loading correctly and quickly.
  2. Trading should start next week.
  3. I would like to end the test by the beginning of May (by then I hope we will have solved the legislation)
  4. The max loss on 1 trade will be about 1%. The maximum loss for 1 day should not exceed 3% (this is really an extreme situation).
  5. In good settings, the system can generate 4% per day. I don’t count on leveraged trading, even though Oanda margin is used.
  6. The system’s success rate is around 70% after 3 years (80% last year) RRR is around 1.6
  7. As you surely know, in these really extreme times, I only run RiskOn trades, so long SP500. For our testing purposes, I will turn on both sides. So it may be a bit wild. But now it’s really not about profits. It’s about whether everything is running as I planned.
  8. That’s all. Thanks for the support! If anything is not clear contact me via Twitter 

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