Manual for subscribing to Moodix premium channels on Twitter and Telegram

For moodix site subscribers: 

Your access to Moodix premium on Twitter and Telegram is included in the subscription price, you just need to subscribe to these channels on Twitter or Telegram, one or both. We will promptly approve your access to these platforms.

Also, there is no need to watch both our public and premium channels so we recommend you to unsubscribe from public Moodix profile(s). 

For those without moodix site subscription – options to subscribe to Moodix premium content on Twitter and Telegram: 

The first option is to subscribe to the moodix web app, where you be asked to paid after registration. The price set to $10/month or $100/year (excluding VAT) includes both the app itself, containing detailed information about the sentiment measurement and, most importantly, the historical context of the entire measurement, as well as access to the Moodix premium channels on Twitter and Telegram. 

The second option is to subscribe only to standalone Moodix premium content ($4.99/month or $49.99/year – excluding VAT) on Twitter and Telegram platforms. From September 2023, this subscription will also allow you to watch sorted news on the new version of the Moodix website. Due to ongoing work on this new website, it is now temporarily possible to subscribe to Moodix news only on Stripe: 

When filling in the payment details, please also fill in the optional fields – Twitter user ID and Telegram username respectively.
Once you have paid and subscribed on these platforms, we will promptly approve your access. 

You will be able to manage your subscription here: