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About us

The interest in market sentiment issues led the founder of moodix market, Honza, driven by a related passion for geopolitics and the world economy as well as their complex relationships, in addition to having practical experience with trading on the stock markets to create this complex tool for traders.

Years of market observation and its reactions to global events gave rise to the idea of summarizing, categorizing market reactions and empirically measuring as well as precisely quantifying market sentiment. To Honza’s surprise, no one had realized a similar quantification of sentiment on a global scale until now. There is no similar tool which is publicly available worldwide at the moment. At the same time, discussions with the community on Czech fin-twitter made it evident that there was a significant demand for such an indicator. At that moment, it became clear that it was time to turn a hobby – an interest in market sentiment – into the main focus of business activity and establish a company that would allow for the development of this unique instrument.

Thus, at the beginning of 2023, the company moodix market s.r.o. was founded and a three-member team works on the development as well as the improvement of the proprietary market sentiment indicator.

The main driving force of moodix is undeniably Honza, who conceived the approach and thanks to the investment of a significant amount of time and energy, prepared it for realization. Michal sees things in contexts, the so-called “big picture,” and ensures the company’s operations, so nothing stands in the way of development and creativity. Shortly after the company was founded, Tony joined the company as an analyst and the driving force of the moodix market editorial team. He is a sociologist with an understanding of contexts, an overview of global events and has experience with data processing.

After several years of Honza’s research and verifying the theory in practice, moodix market s.r.o. brings to the wider public the first market sentiment indicator that is created precisely and solely from what determines the market mood day in and day out, here and now – the continuous influx of information/fundamentals to which the market reacts.

Continue reading to learn how moodix works, how you can use moodix in your trading, or how to integrate moodix data into your trading systems via API.

How moodix works?

The moodix measurement is based on the thesis that most major market movements and trend changes in financial markets are the result of the impact of some of the endless stream of (more or less) chaotically emerging news. So-called "breaking news". This news, in aggregate, create positive or negative pressure and defines the sentiment of global financial markets.

How to use moodix sentiment?

Thanks to moodix measurements, we identify the mood and trend of the markets precisely. We time the market! See how you can implement the measurement into your own trading.

moodix API

If you run your own algo systems or have your own trading platforms, you can get up-to-date sentiment status using API connections. According to the above, you can create custom decision trees and implement moodix API into your systems.