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Key features

We analyse news coverage and monitor market movements in real time – we identify breaking news and measure the strength of the market reaction to it – we quantify market sentiment in the form of our own indicator

You can explore all the above key features of our web app for free during the 7-day free trial.

Instant overview
of key market drivers

The moodix app makes it very easy to navigate the current fundamentals relevant to the markets. What topics have been at the center of market attention in recent days and weeks and what impact does news coverage of these topics have on the markets? What should we watch out for in the coming hours in the global market? Is the market showing signs of a possible early trend change or is the overall market climate stable? Thanks to the moodix app, you will be able to answer these questions for yourself in no time.

Market sentiment
development in real time

Long-term market sentiment can very easily lose its breath and reverse the trend in a day or two, thanks to strong breaking news changing the fundamental environment in which markets move. Thanks to the moodix app, you can learn about major exchange rate news and its impact on market sentiment within minutes of its release.

Easily manage the risk according to sentiment

Responsible risk management in trading requires an honest analysis of the risks and opportunities associated with the environment in which you move. Clear quantification of market sentiment, the value of which clearly defines the market situation, greatly simplifies risk analysis.

Sorting news by strength
and the impact on markets

What breaking news has influenced the market sentiment in the last week? Last month? And what is the news of the year in terms of its impact on the markets? In the moodix app, you have all the market-relevant news lined up in the palm of your hand.

Volume and volatility
of breaking news

The amount of breaking news and the strength of their impact on the markets is one of the key indicators of the market environment. The increasing volatility in the impact of news on the markets can be an indication of a change in the overall trend or indicate a disruption. In the moodix app you have these two metrics at your fingertips.

An index of the impact of news
information circuits on markets

In the moodix app, you find out which topics have currently (in the last week/month/year) been in the spotlight of the global financial markets. You get an idea of the evolution of the influence of each topic over the course of time. Wondering what market impact news related to multiple topics has had this year? For example, FED+ECB+EU? The moodix app makes it easy to find out.

The first visual
economic calendar

Macro calendars are handy tools followed by most responsible traders. With our graphical interface, you can find out at a glance when key market data (with high volatility impact) are expected to be released during the week.

Statistical tools of
market sentiment waves

How has the sentiment been evolving over the past year? Where does it stand this week, compared to last? Is it possible that the value of overall positive sentiment will rise above the long-term average RiskOn wave during the day or any time soon? In the moodix app, thanks to simple yet concise metrics, you always know the exact state of market sentiment.

Time saving

The fundamental analysis, identification and sorting of truly significant news affecting global markets are time-consuming activities that require a great deal of attention and energy. Navigating through thousands of market-relevant news and measuring sentiment is our passion. The oodix app allows you to invest your time and passion elsewhere.

Continue reading to learn how moodix works, how you can use moodix in your trading, or how to integrate moodix data into your trading systems via API.

How moodix works?

The moodix measurement is based on the thesis that most major market movements and trend changes in financial markets are the result of the impact of some of the endless stream of (more or less) chaotically emerging news. So-called "breaking news". This news, in aggregate, create positive or negative pressure and defines the sentiment of global financial markets.

How to use moodix sentiment?

Thanks to moodix measurements, we identify the mood and trend of the markets precisely. We time the market! See how you can implement the measurement into your own trading.

moodix API

If you run your own algo systems or have your own trading platforms, you can get up-to-date sentiment status using API connections. According to the above, you can create custom decision trees and implement moodix API into your systems.