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How does the Moodix market sentiment API work?

Find out how to get reliable real-time market sentiment parameters with our Market Sentiment API and how to integrate the moodix API into your applications and systems to stay abreast of the latest market trends and developments.

How does it all work?

Our API provides market sentiment compiled from breaking news.

We measure this impactful news and calculate market sentiment from it.

Detection of breaking news

Thousands of market-relevant news items are released daily. Only about 1% of them are truly breaking news with a verifiable impact on the market. We monitor the news of the largest agencies in real-time, using machine learning and manual verification to identify these breaking news items and measure their strength with algorithms.

Measurement through the SP500 index

We derive the strength of the market impact of the news from the reactions of the SP500 index, specifically ES futures.

Determining the strength of breaking news

Measurement is carried out in the most liquid market – ES (SP500 futures contract), which is open 23 hours a trading day. This is crucial for measuring the impact of fundamentals on the markets. This is because news are released throughout the day, and you need a tool that is open as long as possible to measure it (hence, stocks or options are not suitable for the measurement of market reaction).

Manual verification

All automatic processes are manually verified and approved for further calculations.

Determining market sentiment

We calculate sentiment from quantified real-time market reactions to the latest news. Based on these market reactions, we compile our own market sentiment indicator – the Moodix Index™, and use it to determine the state of market sentiment: RiskOn, RiskOff, or Neutral. Although the respective sentiment waves usually last for weeks, their strength and intensity vary. Market sentiment can also change direction within a few hours. Be prepared for this and have a reliable market sentiment API connected.

The current calculated market sentiment is available through our API.

moodix market sentiment API

The measurement itself and real-time recalculated market sentiment are immediately available via our API




Seamless integration of the market sentiment indicator into your systems.

Your trading and analytical systems

Seamless integration of the market sentiment indicator into your systems.

Trading systems

Analytics systems

Other systems

Do you find our API interesting and want to learn more about it?

Try the moodix app in a 7-day free trial and see how moodix works.

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Continue reading to learn how moodix works, how you can use moodix in your trading, or how to integrate moodix data into your trading systems via API.

How moodix works?

The moodix measurement is based on the thesis that most major market movements and trend changes in financial markets are the result of the impact of some of the endless stream of (more or less) chaotically emerging news. So-called "breaking news". This news, in aggregate, create positive or negative pressure and defines the sentiment of global financial markets.

How to use moodix sentiment?

Thanks to moodix measurements, we identify the mood and trend of the markets precisely. We time the market! See how you can implement the measurement into your own trading.

moodix API

If you run your own algo systems or have your own trading platforms, you can get up-to-date sentiment status using API connections. According to the above, you can create custom decision trees and implement moodix API into your systems.