These Terms and Conditions of Use of moodix market s.r.o. services and information (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) govern the access to, scope, use and use of moodix market information and data. 

The company moodix market s.r.o. (hereinafter also referred to as “Moodix”) provides services in the form of information content: categorization and quantification of publicly or user-accessible content of third parties, in particular news agencies and companies providing real-time data on certain instruments and stock market indices. 

The information content is available on the web application app.moodix.market (hereinafter referred to as the „Application”) and the web presentation moodix.market (hereinafter referred to as the “Presentation”), or in the form of sharing the content of the App and Presentation on social networks or specialized industry platforms allowing remote access, which are operated by third parties. 

The Company provides the Services only in the form and scope stated, as available, without warranties of any kind, either explicit, implicit or implied.

The services provided in the form of information content are in no way an investment recommendation and as such are primarily for educational and informative purposes, see also below in the “Disclaimer”. Moodix shall not be liable for any damage or injury caused by inappropriate use of the services provided. All consequences of any actions arising from the use of moodix services are the sole responsibility of the users of the services, whereby both natural and legal persons are considered users of the services (hereinafter referred to as „Users”).

Access to the Moodix services is available on a limited basis to any Presentation User. Such Users express their consent to the Terms by their mere use of them. The extended scope of the Moodix Services is then available to Users who create a User Account in order to access the extended content of the Presentation and the Application and their components. The creation of a User Account is not possible without registration and express acceptance of the Terms. 

If you do not agree to these Terms, do not use the Moodix Services and the information contained in the Presentation and the App.




Moodix market s.r.o. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. By using the information of the Application and the Presentation after any modification of the Terms, you agree to the new version of the Terms. You will always have access to and be able to review our Terms of Use at any time. By reloading this website, you will be provided with the most current version available to users of the Application and Presentation. Once modified, the Terms will become effective immediately upon posting unless otherwise specified. It is the User’s responsibility to monitor any changes to the Terms.




The creation of a Moodix user account is a condition of the ability to create a subscriber account, i.e. a condition of access to the paid part of the Application and Presentation, the extended content of the Application and Presentation.  


For successful registration, you need to fill in a valid email address, choose a username and re-enter your chosen password.

The User is fully responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of his/her login details. The User is also fully responsible for all activity on his/her account and for any activity associated with that account. 

By creating a user account, you agree to notify Moodix immediately if you suspect any misuse of your access credentials.


Moodix reserves the right to terminate accounts that exhibit suspicious activity indicating possible misuse of access credentials, or to terminate accounts whose activity violates the Terms.


By creating a User account, you agree that Moodix may use your email address to send you marketing materials, service-related notifications, important information messages, special offers, etc. You can unsubscribe from these emails by using the link provided in these emails. 


Cancellation of the User’s account is available in the Presentation, in the “Account” section. Cancellation of the user account will remove your email address from our database. Cancellation of a User account will cancel any subscription associated with that account.



By ordering any subscription option of the Application and Presentation, you confirm that you have read the Terms in detail. By subscribing, you consent to the automatic debiting of your bank card, periodically, according to the billing period selected, usually monthly or annually. 


Every registered user can try the full version free of charge during a free trial period, the length of which is specified in the subscription selection process. The free trial period can only be used once for each user account. If you do not cancel your trial before the free trial period expires, your subscription will automatically convert to a paid plan at the frequency of the User’s previous election.


Subscriptions are charged in advance on a monthly or annual basis. No refunds will be made to the User for unused portions of the month or year. All billing for the selected period is recurring, which means that you agree to be charged until you cancel the subscription yourself.

You can cancel your subscription exclusively in the “Account” section.

Moodix reserves the right to change the subscription price. Users will be notified of subscription price changes by email, the subscription price change will affect the User’s payment for the next billing period, according to the subscription frequency selected.

Cancellation of subscriptions after automatic debiting of payment cards/accounts and refunding of money to Users is possible only in justified cases and upon request. If you require cancellation of your subscription and a refund, please contact moodix market via the automated Application and Presentation form in the “Billing” section.

Use of the Application and the Presentation in any of the available tariffs is for the User’s personal non-commercial use only. It is prohibited to resell Moodix services and information to third parties or use them for commercial purposes. 

Users who are interested in using Moodix data and information commercially, within their applications or websites, for the purpose of resale/marketing to their users, subscribers, etc., should contact us to request a customized setup of Moodix services.



The handling of data provided by Users during registration and subscription selection is subject to Moodix’s data protection standards under the GDPR. Moodix does not collect User data beyond what is necessary to provide moodix services to Users.  


With regard to payment details, Moodix does not have access to Users’ credit card numbers as all payment transactions are made through Stripe’s services.



The services and information in the Presentation and the App are the result of multiple analysis of third party news, information, further data processing and news content. 


Moodix services depend on information content and data obtained from a wide range of sources, including news agencies, companies monitoring price changes in currencies, stocks and indices in the financial markets, and other specialized sources of necessary information. 


Moodix in no way guarantees the accuracy or completeness of the data provided by these sources and disclaims any responsibility for any errors that these sources may contain.


Whilst Moodix endeavors to provide up-to-date, accurate and complete information, we strongly advise that Moodix is not responsible for errors in information and data drawn from third parties. Moodix also excludes liability for deviations from 100% accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information content of the Presentation and Application due to the possibility of natural human and mechanical errors, computer failures, etc. 


In all situations, the user must bear in mind that the use of Moodix data and information, and the consequences thereof, are in 100 % of cases the sole responsibility of the user.

In no event shall Moodix be liable for any losses or damages suffered by anyone as a result of unforeseen events, such as damages resulting from natural disasters, civil unrest, strikes, protests, armed conflicts, etc.



The primary purpose of the Presentation and Application is to provide a tool for understanding world events and the links between geopolitical events, the world economy and financial market movements. As such, both the Application and the Presentation are primarily for study and educational purposes. 


Use of the Application and the Presentation in any of the available tariffs is for the User’s personal non-commercial use only. It is prohibited to resell Moodix services and information to third parties or use them for commercial purposes.

All decisions to buy, sell, hold or trade securities, commodities and other investment instruments involve a high degree of risk. Moodix assumes no responsibility for the use of the information contained in the Application and the Presentation to make any trading or investment decisions. Moodix strongly advises Users against any risky handling of funds without prior consultation with experts in the subject matter. 


Under no circumstances will Moodix be liable for any loss or damage, whether financial or property, incurred by the User or anyone else as a result of any trading or investment activity.



Moodix grants the Users of the Presentation and the Application (including their content published via other platforms) the right to use the information contained therein in their analyses, press releases, books, articles, social media posts, etc., provided that the use of such content refers to the source of such content as content of moodix market s.r.o. and that the authorship of such content is clear when using the content. 


Publishing the content of the Application and the Presentation as your own work, without reference to Moodix as the original source, is a violation of the Terms.



By registering as a User, you are governed by the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic, without regard to any choice of law or conflict of law provisions. The User consents to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts in the Czech Republic.