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These Terms of Use for services and information by moodix market s.r.o. (hereinafter also referred to as “Terms”) delineate and specify the company’s scope of activity, govern the conditions and extent of access for the company’s service subscribers to the provided information and data, and dictate the manner of their usage and handling.


Moodix market s.r.o. (hereinafter also referred to as “moodix”) primarily engages in experimental research on the impact of fundamentals on financial markets, summarization of market reactions to fundamental information, and the subsequent experimental quantification of market sentiment.

The main product of this research is a unique, empirically constructed market sentiment indicator (Moodix index™) and its additional parameters and metrics, aimed at understanding the principles of global financial market trends, for deeper orientation in the current market environment.

Moodix provides users (subscribers) with informational content in the form of:

  • Detailed identification, categorization, and subsequent quantification of the impact of price-forming news on financial markets using publicly available content from third parties, particularly news agencies and companies providing real-time market data;
  • Moodix index™ of market sentiment (including its parameters and metrics) updated following the identification of each price-forming news. Moodix also offers the values of the Moodix index™ of market sentiment and its parameters in API form;
  • Examples of the practical application of the Moodix index™ in automated trading.

The informational content of moodix is accessible on the web application app.moodix.market (hereinafter also referred to as “Application”) and web presentation moodix.market (hereinafter also referred to as “Presentation”), or through the sharing of Application and Presentation content on social networks or specialized industry platforms enabling remote access, operated by third parties.

Moodix provides services only in the specified form and scope, as available, without any further warranties, express, implied, or statutory.

The provided informational content primarily serves educational and informational purposes, see also below in “Disclaimer”. Moodix bears no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by improper use of the provided information. All consequences of any actions resulting from the use of moodix services are entirely the responsibility of moodix service users, both natural and legal persons (hereinafter also referred to as “Users”).

Access to moodix services is enabled in a limited extent to any User of the Presentation. These Users express their agreement with the Terms by merely using them. An extended scope of moodix services is then available to Users who create a user account for accessing the extended content of the Presentation and Application. Creating a user account is not possible without registration and explicit consent to the Terms.

If you do not agree with these Terms, do not use Moodix services and the information contained in the Presentation and Application.


Moodix market s.r.o. reserves the right to change these Terms at any time. Moodix will inform all active Users about the amendment of the Terms via email to the addresses used at registration. By using the information from the Application and Presentation after a possible amendment of the Terms, the user expresses their agreement with the new version of the Terms. You will always have access to our Terms of Use and will be able to review them at any time. By reloading this web page, you will have the most current version available to users of the Application and Presentation. The Terms become effective immediately after their publication, unless stated otherwise. Monitoring any changes to the Terms is the responsibility of the User, though moodix will always mention at least the significant changes in the informational email if the update of the Terms is inevitable.


Creating a moodix user account is a prerequisite for setting up a subscription account, thus entry into the paid part of the Application and Presentation, extended content of the Application and Presentation.

For successful registration, it is necessary to fill in a valid email address, choose a username, and repeatedly enter the chosen access password.

The user is fully responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of their login details. The user also bears full responsibility for all activity on their account and for any activity associated with this account.

By creating a user account, you agree to promptly inform Moodix of any suspicion of misuse of your access details.

Moodix reserves the right to cancel accounts that show suspicious activity indicating possible misuse of access details, or cancel accounts whose activity (or the activity of persons associated with accounts) is in conflict with the Terms. The cancellation of a user account is the last step if it is not possible to remedy the situation in a manner agreed upon by both parties (moodix and the User).

By creating a User account, you consent to moodix using your email address to send marketing materials, service-related announcements, important informational messages, special offers, etc. You can unsubscribe from these emails using the link provided in these emails.

Cancellation of a User account is accessible in the Presentation, in the “account” section. Cancelling a user account will remove your email address from our database. Cancelling a User account will cancel any subscription associated with this account.


By ordering any version of subscription to the Application and Presentation, you confirm that you have thoroughly acquainted yourself with the Terms. By setting up a subscription, you consent to the periodic deduction of financial funds from your bank card, periodically, according to the chosen billing period, usually monthly or annually.

Every registered user can try the full version for free within a free trial period, the length of which is specified in the subscription selection process. The free trial period can be used for each user account (each email, each payment card) only once. If you do not cancel the trial version before the expiry of the free trial period, the subscription will automatically convert to a paid tariff with periodicity according to the previous choice of the User.

The subscription is charged in advance, on a monthly, or annual basis. Financial funds for unused parts of the month or year upon cancellation of the subscription are not returned (except for a request for a refund of the subscription within 14 days – see below). All billing for the chosen period is repeated, meaning that by purchasing a subscription, you agree to the periodic deduction of financial funds from your payment card until you cancel the subscription yourself.

A request for a refund of funds for a subscription to any Moodix product can be made without giving a reason within 14 days of its payment to the email office@moodix.market. In such a case, the User will be refunded the amount of the subscription, reduced by transaction costs and the pro-rata part of the subscription for the number of days the User used the service.

You can only cancel or change your subscription exclusively in the “Account” section.

Moodix reserves the right to change the subscription price. Users will be notified of subscription changes by email, the change in subscription price will affect the User’s payment for the next billing period, according to the chosen periodicity of the subscription.

Moodix reserves the right to limit the maximum number of subscribers and to close the possibility of pre-paying services for further users, or even after notifying and the expiry of the period of currently valid subscriptions, to cease providing its services. Moodix will inform all active subscribers via email addresses used at registration about such a step. Services will continue to be provided for the period remaining for users to utilize according to the length of the subscription.


The handling of data provided by Users at registration and during the subscription choice complies with moodix standards for personal data protection in accordance with the GDPR directive. Moodix does not collect user data beyond the scope necessary to ensure services to moodix Users. In providing services to subscribers, moodix does not record any personal data.

Regarding the data on payment cards used for subscription payments, moodix itself does not have access to users’ payment card numbers, as all payment operations are conducted through the services of Stripe.


Services and information in the Presentation and Application are the result of an authorial approach, data processing, and news content from third parties. Moodix services depend on informational content and data obtained from a wide range of sources, including news agencies, companies monitoring changes in the price levels of currencies, stocks, and indexes on financial markets, and other specialized sources of necessary information.

Moodix in no case guarantees the accuracy or completeness of data provided from these sources and disclaims any liability for potential errors these sources may exhibit.

Although Moodix strives to provide current, accurate, and complete information, it emphatically warns that Moodix is not responsible for errors in the information and data drawn from third parties. Moodix also excludes liability for deviations from one hundred percent accuracy, completeness, and correctness of the informational content of the Presentation and Application due to the possibility of natural occurrence of human and mechanical errors, computing outages, etc.

The User must bear in mind that they are 100% responsible for the use of data and information from Moodix and the consequences thereof, in every situation.

Moodix is in no case liable for any losses or damages incurred by anyone as a result of unpredictable events, such as damages resulting from natural disasters, civil unrest, strikes, protests, armed conflicts, and others.


The primary purpose of the Presentation and Application is to provide a tool for understanding global events and the connections between geopolitical developments, the world economy, and movements on financial markets. As such, the Application and Presentation primarily serve for study and educational purposes.

All decisions about buying, selling, holding, or trading securities, commodities, and other investment instruments are associated with a high degree of risk. Moodix bears no responsibility for the use of information contained in the Application and Presentation for any business or investment decisions. Moodix strongly advises against any risky financial actions without prior consultation with subject matter experts.

Under no circumstances does Moodix bear liability for any loss or damage, whether financial or property, that may occur to the User or anyone else as a result of any business or investment activity.


The content provided by Moodix, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, images, as well as their compilation and all software used in the Application and Presentation, is the property of Moodix or its suppliers and is protected by copyright and intellectual property rights.

Use of the Application and Presentation in any available tariffs serves solely for the personal, non-commercial use of the User. It is prohibited to resell moodix services and information to third parties or use them for commercial purposes.

Users interested in using moodix data and information commercially, within their applications or websites, for the purpose of further sale/mediation to their users, subscribers, etc., should contact moodix with a request for individual service settings.

Moodix grants Users of the Presentation and Application (including its content published through other platforms) the right to use information contained therein in their analyses, press releases, books, articles, social media posts, etc., on the condition that their use references the source of this content, as content of moodix market s.r.o., thereby clearly attributing the content’s authorship.

Publishing the content of the Application and Presentation as one’s own work, without referencing moodix as the original source, violates the Terms.


Registration as a User is governed by the valid legislation of the Czech Republic, without regard to any choice of law or conflict of law provisions. The User agrees exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts in the Czech Republic.